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Conflict in the workplace can often quickly escalate and cause considerable cost to your school/setting/organisation. Mediation is an effective framework to move people forward from their conflicts to some positive solutions. It can address performance, re-energise commitment and ambition and bring out the best in previously quarrelling teams if handled correctly.

Workplace mediation typically relates to a breakdown in an existing relationship between two or more colleagues. The aim isn’t just to find a solution to the immediate problem, but to get the parties to find a resolution that will restore a good working relationship so that they – and their organisation – can get on with doing.

Lucy can offer Mediation in your setting, working with 2 staff members or groups of staff who need to resolve a conflict.

She will work with them individually and then together, following a format which will keep them held safe through the process.

Lucy also works closely with other experienced Mediators, who she may draw on to offer additional support to the sessions.

To book Workplace Mediation Support please contact Lucy directly at

Fees will be individually quoted in each case and will reflect, the type of dispute, the number of team members involved in the process and, the duration of the process – which will tend to last either 1 or 2 days.

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