We offer a range of popular bespoke support packages to schools and settings, all facilitated from a collaborative, strengths-based and empowerment model to learning. These include:

  • INSET / Whole Staff training: SLEs or leaders within our EYs Hub are available to design and deliver bespoke staff training INSET packages to meet the needs of your team and school/setting. Or if there is a CPD course that would benefit your whole staff team, then it might be better to arrange and book an INSET training instead.
  • Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE) Support: designated EYs leaders and practitioners with great expertise in specific areas, who are able to come and work with you and your team in your setting/school, over a period of time, with the focus of supporting you on an identified area of quality improvement. 
  • Leadership and Mediation: experienced leaders who are qualified in mediation in the workplace, mindfulness and coaching are available to come alongside your team to shift practice, perceptions, conflicts, stress etc to help improve outcomes for all.
  • Study Days / Visits: St Pauls Nursery School, Redcliffe Nursery School offer immersion days for staff teams to engage in learning walks, enter into facilitated learning conversations around a focus of your choice.
  • Study Tours: we welcome groups of learners from far and wide who want to explore our pedagogy in depth. These tours are co-ordinated by a local leader, who will also act as guide to the city of Bristol and arrange other setting/school visits.

Study Days and Tours take place at:

  • St Pauls Nursery School & Children’s Centre:

Specialisms include: Supporting Emotional Wellbeing, Creative Curriculum, Cultural Competency, Leadership, Communication and Language, Family Support Services

  • Redcliffe Children’s Centre:

Specialisms include: Innovative Play Opportunities, Early Years Mathematics, Outdoor Education and Experimental cookery